Dear customers,

We are Back in Schönefeld for you !!

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we have had to reduce our consulting appointments in our Association, please note the following:

Advice is provided ONLY with a previously agreed appointment !!!!

Appointments can be made by phone, email, or by WhatsApp. To do this, please contact your advisor:

Mrs. Hernández (+49 1520 1434514) please, only WhatsApp messages



As protective measures against the Covid 19 pandemic, if you have an appointment with us, please note the following:

1. DO NOT come to the Consultancy accompanied by another adult or children.

2. Upon entering our Association, you must:

   • Wear a mask covering mouth / nose;

   • Disinfect and/or wash your hands;

   • Avoid physical contact with Consultants (no handshake, no hug);

   • Pay attention to good manners: sneeze and / or cough into the curve of your arm, even if you are wearing a face mask.

Please, if you have cold symptoms, especially cough and fever. You can make a new appointment by phone for a later date or use online counseling (Via Whatsapp +49 1520 1434514) for urgent cases !!!



Austausch und Kontakt am 04.06.2020